First, I have to confess, I'm a major a shop-a-holic. Like, a serious SHOP.A.HOLIC. Shopping is one of my biggest passions and it makes me a bit too happy. I’d shop for anything; except groceries. I hate buying groceries. I’m a working mom who is married to an incredibly supportive husband, Mike. We live in Nebraska with our 3 kids: Kaden, Greely and Elle. In my free time (ok I have no free time) I decided to put my love for shopping to good use. My passion (ok maybe obsession) for shopping started when I worked retail in high school and discovered how much I enjoyed it (ok maybe I figured that out a lot sooner than high school). “Working” at a retail store where I could shop at the same time was amazing; though it left me with a very little paycheck. After college and getting married, I discovered online shopping. From that point on nothing was off limits: apparel, home décor, gifts, and anything Nebraska related. Thanks to social media, I discovered several local businesses that I loved. I spent a lot of time emailing and messaging each business and I wished there was an easier way to buy all of the stuff I so badly “needed”. I figured there had to be other women out there who felt the same.


I created Simply Elle Boutique to “simplify” the online shopping experience. Simply Elle offers boutique-quality women’s apparel including tops, bottoms, dresses, game day apparel, shoes, jewelry, and Nebraska apparel. You’ll also find home décor, custom jewelry and gifts. As I continue to grow my business, I’m always looking for more local businesses to work with. If you are a small business owner and are interested, feel free to email me at info@simplyelleboutique.com or message me on Facebook. Thank you for visiting Simply Elle and I hope you find what you’re looking for!!

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